The City of Lot Awaits!

A party of young adventurers arrives in Swift Harbor after a long and perilous voyage from their homeland, eager to make their mark in the big city. Some may choose to study at the world-renowned University of Lot, acquiring the knowledge and contacts that could one day make them the city's leaders. Some may choose to work in the vast industrial complexes of Sluice Alley or in the many trading posts and shops lining Mission Road, a path that could lead its most ambitions and successful followers to untold riches and influence within the city. Some may choose to throw in with the Aylesbury Guard, Lot's police force, in order to defend the city from criminals and invaders, and provide them with a backdoor into the political world of Aylesbury Castle. Some may become embroiled in the city's thriving underworld, a dangerous but lucrative way to amass wealth and power.

It all depends upon the choices they make, the people they meet, and how they handle the circumstances that Fate presents to them. 

Cross, Crown and Scales